5 Facts You Need To Know About Pies!

Perfectly flaky, golden brown and filled to the brim, there is nothing that we Brits love more than a good pie. Whether you prefer your pastries sweet or savoury, rough puff or shortcrust; pie lovers everywhere will be celebrating National Pie Day this Saturday. To commemorate this national day of deliciousness, we have come up with five fun facts about pies that you never knew you needed to know. Until now...  

1. The first pie recipe was published in Ancient Rome around 2000 years ago. The pie in question was a rye-crusted goat’s cheese and honey pie. 

2. The world’s most expensive pie costs £8,195 (or just over £1000 per slice) and contains wagyu fillet of beef, matsutake mushrooms and over four thousand pounds worth of premium red wine! 

3. The Guinness World Record for the world’s largest meat pie is currently held by Stratford-Upon-Avon College and they have held the record since 1998. The pie weighed in at a massive 10.54 KG (or just over 23 pounds!!) 

4. Pies and football go hand in hand but Conference League team Kidderminster FC surprisingly hold the title for the country’s most expensive football stadium pie coming in at £4.50 (they have won awards for it though!) 

5. The World Pie Eating Championships are held annually in Wigan. Two time winner Martin Appleton Clare is the current 2015 champion and devoured his pie in 38.2 seconds! The competition rules dictate that the meat and potato pies must have a diameter of 12cm and a depth of 3.5cm when cooked, with a pie angle from base to top between zero and 15 degrees.   

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