National Chip Week

National Chip Week!

The 16th February marks the start of one of our favourite weeks of the year, National Chip Week! To celebrate, we’ve compiled a list of everything you’ve ever wanted to know about chips.

French Fried Facts

1. Did you know? The Guinness World Record for the largest serving of fries weighed 1,003lbs! (That’s five and a half gorillas worth!). Over 500 litres of cooking oil was used to fry the chips.

2. Chips from a Fish & Chip Shop were served in newspaper until the 1980s, when the ink from the newspaper was deemed too unsafe.

3. In Turkey, they serve yoghurt on their chips. We’re not sure about that!

4. Almost 676,00 tonnes of British potatoes are needed to make fresh chips in the UK every year.

5. Fish & Chips was the only take-away meal not to be rationed during World War 2.

6. Supermodel Kate Moss had fish & chips at her hen do in 2011.

7. 17% of Northerners like gravy on their chips, compared to just 4% of Londoners, who prefer mayonnaise on theirs.

8. The nation’s favourite topping for their chips is… *drum roll* salt and vinegar!