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Have you ever wondered how we make our food so delicious or where it all comes from?


At Table Table we're all about the food. Our Development Chefs carefully develop every dish with care, craft and passion to create great food you're sure to enjoy. 

Watch our video where Nick, our Lead Food Development Chef, shows you how we've created our new Loaded Chicken Wings and Orange Bread and Butter Pudding. 

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We work closely with carefully selected producers to deliver a menu that we’re proud to serve, made from top quality ingredients. Read on to find out exactly where our food begins its journey to your plate and meet our suppliers.

Warner's Gin Distillery

We teamed up with our friends at Warner's Gin to talk about all things gin. They introduced us to their production process, walked us around the farm where they grow and source all-natural ingredients and showed us sustainability is at their heart - bringing you a really great tasting gin range.


Dry Cure Bacon made using Jack Scaife’s recipe 

Our back bacon, which you will find as an integral part of our Premier Inn Breakfast is dry cured using Jack Scaife’s family recipe from our dedicated bacon supplier based in North Yorkshire.

Chris Battle, who is born and bred in Yorkshire started in the 1950’s as an apprentice at Jack Scaife’s butchers’ shop where he learnt traditional ways of hand curing bacon. He perfected his dry curing methods and teamed up with Cranswick in 2004 before the opening of their custom-built factory in Sherburn-in-Elmet in 2008.

Our back and streaky bacon is hand cured and matured for 7-14 days, keeping as true to Chris’s original techniques as possible.

liffey meats

Liffey Meats 

4 Generations of the Mallon family have built up Liffey Meats, originating from a butcher shop in a small Irish country town in 1905. The Company`s ethos is still rooted firmly in delivering Customer Satisfaction.

 Liffey have strong relationships with over 10,000 farmers in Ireland to supply into their slaughter and manufacturing sites. This also includes cattle from their own family farms.

This gives us end to end traceability on our Table Table burgers which are made to our own recipe developed with this family business.

liffey meats

Dunbia Meats 

Brothers Jim and Jack Dobson established Dungannon Meats, a premium butcher's shop in Moygashel, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland 1969. They rebranded to Dunbia throughout the UK and Ireland in 2006 having acquired additional sites for beef and lamb slaughter and processing. A strategic partnership between Dawn Meats and Dunbia was formed to establish a joint venture in the UK bringing together the UK operations from both organisations; Dunbia now comprises of 12 sites strategically located across the UK.

Dunbia works with over 30,000 UK and Irish Beef and Lamb farmers.  They process more than one million cattle and three million lambs annually across their 12 processing sites in the UK.

This gives us a consistency in the process of the beef we source for all our restaurants, as all Dunbia sites following the same processes. All our Beef steaks and joints are matured for 30 days and sourced from Dunbia UK and Irish farmers.

The lamb we sell in all our restaurants is 100% British sourced from Dunbia farmers across the 4 corners of the UK.

dunbia beef
dunbia lamb

Lakeland Dairies

Lakeland have a proud heritage in dairy farming, which started from humble beginnings in 1896. Today they are a 100% farmer owned and farmer controlled Irish dairy co-operative of 3,200 dairy farmers across the northern part of the Island of Ireland.

Their location means they have natural advantages in the production of milk. A moderate climate with plentiful rainfall and rich soil helps to grow nutritious grass – a critical factor for a grass based dairy farmer and the high-quality milk produced. 

Typically, their farmers' herds would graze outside on average 200 days a year enjoying pure clean air grazing on lush green pastures. Their milk is the product of expert farming and best practice animal husbandry to ensure the cows are happy and healthy and is a key ingredient in our dairy ice cream, butter and whipping cream.

Oaklands Eggs 

Oakland eggs was founded in 1969 by the Griffiths family who through their years of hard work have acquired generations of knowledge allowing them to succeed as a major player within today’s UK egg industry.

All our whole shell eggs come from cage free flocks raised to British Lion Mark Quality covering the entire production chain. This ensures strict food safety controls including the guarantee that all hens, eggs and feed are fully traceable.


Billington’s Pies 

Billington’s pie making heritage began in a butcher shop in the 1920’s. In 1949, Derrick Dunkley joined the business expanding into pork pies and sausage rolls. In 1975, Derrick and Simon Dunkley opened the first factory and have been increasing in size and winning awards for their pies ever since. Today Billington’s make 115,000 pies a week. 

Our Beef and Ale pie uses beef dripping in the pastry base and a lattice puff lid. The gravy and filling contains Sharp's Doombar ale and British Beef. Each pie is individually hand crimped to give a unique visual appearance and finish.