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Kick start the festive season early with family, friends or loved ones and enjoy our Festive Menu with us. Enjoy a great value 2 or 3 course menu with plenty of choice that everyone will love. This is one menu not to be missed! Available until 31st Dec (excluding Christmas Day and Boxing Day)

2 Courses £16.99 | 3 courses £18.99

Festive Menu

Available until 31st Dec (excluding Christmas Day and Boxing Day)

2 & 3 course set menu

Festive Starters

Tomato Soup (ve) (337kcal)
With basil oil and malted bread

Chicken Liver & Brandy Pâté§ (320kcal)
With balsamic onion confit and toasted malted bread (contains pork)

Mac & Cheese Bites (464kcal)
Served with a cranberry BBQ sauce

Classic Prawn Cocktail^ (378kcal)
Served with malted bread

Pulled Beef Filled Yorkie (275kcal)
Beef brisket, horseradish and our signature red wine gravy§




Festive Mains

Festive Turkey (1272kcal)
Served with all the trimmings and our signature red wine gravy§

GARDEN GOURMET® Sensational™ Chicken-Style Fillet Festive Roast (ve) (1012kcal)
Served with crispy roast potatoes, stuffing, GARDEN GOURMET® SensationalT™ sausage, Brussels sprouts, peas, carrots and vegan gravy§

Salmon with Seafood & Prosecco Sauce** (950kcal) (+£2.49)
Puff pastry stacked with a baked salmon fillet, served with Tenderstem® broccoli, garlic & herb potatoes cherry tomatoes and a seafood & prosecco sauce§

Festive Stack Burger (1119kcal) – House FAVE
4oz* beef burger layered with turkey, bacon, pork sausage and cranberry mayonnaise in a ‘brioche style’ bun, served with skin-on chips and our signature red wine gravy§
Upgrade to loaded roasties§ for £2.99 (711kcal)

Festive Plant Burger (905kcal) (ve) – House FAVE
GARDEN GOURMET® Sensational™ Chickenstyle Fillet, topped with GARDEN GOURMET®
Sensational™ sausage, THIS™ Isn’t Bacon, cranberry sauce, lettuce, tomato and red onion, in a ‘brioche style’ bun. With skin-on chips and a jug of vegan style gravy§
Upgrade to plant-based loaded roasties§ for £2.99 (632kcal)

White Wine & Mushroom Rump Steak (1336kcal) (+£2.49)
Puff pastry stacked with a 8oz* 30-day-aged British & Irish rump steak, garlic spinach, mushrooms, roast potatoes and a white wine and mushroom sauce§
Upgrade to an 8oz* Sirloin Steak for £2.00 (1337kcal)

Creamy Chicken & Pulled Ham Pie (1150kcal) – House FAVE
With a cheesy crumb topping, served with skin-on chips and peas




Festive Desserts

Traditional Christmas Pudding§ (v) (436kcal) - House FAVE
Packed with cider & rum soaked fruit and served with a warm brandy sauce

Black Forest Sundae¥ (ve) (494kcal)
Vanilla vegan ice cream, chocolate torte pieces, dark cherry compote and chocolate sauce

Ice Cream Sundae with After Eight ® Mints (v) (491kcal) - House FAVE
Vanilla dairy ice cream, After Eight ® chocolate mints, chocolate sauce, mint flavoured sauce and a whip of cream

Sherry Trifle Sundae§ (v) (621kcal)
A sherry soaked sponge, fruit cocktail, berries, custard, a whip of cream and sprinkled with chocolate

Ice Cream Sundae with Chocolate Orange Matchmakers ® (v) (457kcal)
Vanilla dairy ice cream, Orange Matchmakers ®, chocolate sauce, orange flavoured sauce and a whip of cream

Profiterole Stack (v) (761kcal)
Drizzled in chocolate sauce




Festive Sides

Pigs in Blankets (221kcal)

Cauliflower Cheese (v) (284kcal)

Loaded Roasties§ (711kcal)
Topped with turkey, our signature red wine gravy§ and cranberry sauce

Plant Based Loaded Roasties (ve) (632kcal)
Topped with cranberry sauce and gravy§

Grilled Brussels Sprouts Gratin (279kcal) - House FAVE
In a creamy Emmental sauce, finished with Cheddar & mozzarella


2 Courses £16.99 | 3 courses £18.99



Book now and indulge in the warmth and joy of the holiday season at Table Table.

sherry trifle


Available on Christmas Day only
(Monday 25th december 2023)

boxing day


Available on Boxing Day only
(Tuesday 26th December 2023)

(v) = Suitable for vegetarians.
(ve) = Suitable for vegans.
(^) = May contain traces of shell.
(§) = May contain traces of alcohol.
* =  Approximate weight uncooked.
** = May contain small bones.
o = May contain fruit stones.
≈ = Unlimited roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings and gravy

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